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Please understand that these are made of chocolate, like a candy bar. Heat over 85 degrees & they may melt. You can have them shipped to a different address, where someone is there to accept them, no problem. We are not responsible for that issue. Do not let them sit outside, especially in the sun. You can place your entire package in the fridge for half hour, before opening.  If you receive afternoon delivery, you may want to re-think your purchase. Delivery trucks are loaded at 6am, and do not have air conditioning. OR: I can write "HOLD FOR PICK UP" on your package, & they sit in air condition until you pick them up. You would have to request Hold for pick up, on your order during checkout.

I have all that explained, if you don't get mail until the afternoon, the post office does not pay to have air in their delivery trucks/cargo area.  

We ship thru USPS.  Post office priority delivery is 2-3 days, depending on your zip code.  The only GUARANTEED mail, is the expensive EXPRESS MAIL 1-2 DAYS, price depends on your orders weight.  If your package is not delivered in their 2-3 days, we are not responsible, we are not the post office.  If you feel your package has been "lost thru the post office", they make us wait 15 days to file a claim.  However, once it has been delivered, tracking info available on USPS.COM, no claim can be filed.

We check by your shipping zip code, the weather temperature. We ship with cold packs, but if you'd like more than what we feel is sufficient, you may purchase more. However, intense heat and they melt too.

ALL issues must be emailed.  That is for you as well, to read over any issue.

If you receive broken items: you must email us a photo of any damage items. We will evaluate your issue to determine any refunds, process may take up to 48 hours.
If you receive wrong items, let us know asap!  We usually send a pick up address label to you, and you will be responsible for shipping it back to us.

Please do not us inappropriate or vulgar language when emailing us your issue.  No email address you provide are sold, or given out to anyone or any company.

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